Vizrt has enabled VICE News Tonight to create a narrative and graphics rich show that stands out from the crowd with a unique voice.

Find out how Viz Weather allowed Multimedios Televisión to expand their weather brand beyond their weather reports.

The Washington Post uses Viz Trio, Vizrt’s playlist-driven graphics and video playout system to control live graphics during the U.S. election and presidential inauguration.

The augmented reality graphics displayed results for the 2016 U.S. election using a 9200 square meter map and 30 meter tall graphics.

VfB Stuttgart is a working football club within the Bundesliga, keen to use Libero to gain a competitive edge, while TennisGate is working to improve its professional training options for both coaches and players.

Virtual sets are becoming more common as media companies strive to find a way to cost effectively differentiate themselves from competitors. Find out what is involved in creating a successful virtual set and augmented reality presentation.

Media Asset Management Director Michael Raimondo took to the stage at 2016 SVG Sports Asset Management and Storage Forum to give an overview of the Tour’s new approach to MAM.

How does a traditional publication adapt content for the growing use of online video news consumption? Find out how one of Sweden's major news outlets solved the challenge

We’re building a talented community of Vizrt designers, operators, and developers from around the globe.

The virtual sets allow the on-air presenters to interact with the 3D environment and tell their stories using interactive charts and other enriched graphic elements.