TVN Chile upgrades their MAM to Viz One for multiplatform production across multiple outlets

Viz One provides TVN Chile the most capable system for maintaining all of their video production needs. The system replaces their Viz Ardome system.

TVN, the national broadcaster in Chile, has a reputation for high-quality news and entertainment programming seen throughout the country via terrestrial TV, cable and satellite. There’s the on-air TVN, which broadcasts in high-definition on channel 33; TV Chile, an international station that is distributed via satellite around the world; 24 Horas, the most  popular cable news channel; and two popular internet sites and

The veteran media company has also become known for adopting the latest production and distribution technology in order to create programs and deliver them in the most cost-effective way. This includes the use of networked graphics production environments and a comprehensive media asset management (MAM) system to streamline workflows and repurpose content as required. Since 2009, all of these systems have been supplied by Vizrt.

End-to-end production

Today, TVN relies on a complete end-to-end Vizrt workflow for all aspects of its production departments—from the creation of graphics, to its fast-paced video workflow, in the control room, in the studio, and on to delivery; on television, online and to mobile devices.

“We need to stay ahead of the times and give our production teams the latest tools to get their job done,” said Mario Sepulveda, Technical Director, TVN. “Vizrt was the clear choice for us because not only is the technology affordable, but it is expandable so that we can continue to grow with the technology as our needs increase.”

Since 2009, Viz Ardome have been TVN Enterprise MAM system, centralizing all media and metadata for the channel. The system has expanded since and during 2014 an upgrade to new Viz One system was done combined with a refresh of infrastructure including Quantum StorNext.

TVN uses Viz Artist in the design department to create the original template designs that are used on air. In the control room, Viz Trio, Vizrt’s character generator (CG), allows an operator to control a playlist of graphics to be used live on air. All graphics are rendered using Viz Engine, Vizrt’s real-time compositing engine.

In 2012, TVN installed Escenic Content Engine – previously part of Vizrt – providing what Mario Sepulveda called a “a solid, stable and feature-rich platform that’s easy to use and upon which we can add other products as needed.”

At TVN the Escenic Content Engine has been closely integrated with Viz One (Vizrt’s media asset management system) making video publishing even easier. Videos stored on TVN’s Viz One can be searched directly within Escenic Content Studio, and then added as a content item for publishing across multiple platforms at the same time.

Managing assets

As part of its latest technology improvement, which began last year, TVN is upgrading its existing MAM system — Viz Ardome, which is used by 20 different TVN departments that leverage similar workflows and covers all production areas inside TVN: news, sports, and programs — to a new Viz One that is fully operational this year. At TVN the Viz One is still used as a “multi-purpose” MAM system that supports the fast-paced requirements of TVN’s production departments. The new Viz One server will similarly streamline operations in ways TVN never could before.

“Managing our assets and repurposing content is key to everything we do here at TVN,” said Mario. “The new feature set of Viz One sits at the heart of every workflow and enhance what we did before with greater efficiency and increased productivity.”

Indeed, the new Viz One is central to the overall workflow at TVN and how video files are handled, managed and stored. The system is composed of several software tools that allow video to be ingested, searched, edited, transcoded and then delivered in any format required. All of the functions of the system can be accessed and content managed from any desktop computer in the facility, using the same customizable user interface.

Changes can be made to an individual workflow without requiring significant infrastructure planning and, once content is completed, the Viz One can be set up to automatically move media to where it needs to be, at exactly the right time.

Multiplatform production

The company also uses Viz One’s Online package to handle TVN’s news websites ( went live during 2012). The biggest benefit for TVN is that all of the Vizrt systems are tightly connected and communicate with each other. That means content can be created once and distributed to the various delivery platforms TVN supports simultaneously. This saves time finding and retrieving program elements, gets content to air faster and more reliably, and frees up human and technical resources for other departments.

“At the end of the day, we have to continue to grow and add new features and functionality without affecting our existing operations,” Mario said. “Speed and reliability are the most important things for us in a system like this. The goal is to keep our viewers interested in what we are producing and coming back for more. Vizrt has given us a flexible platform with which to add on to and grow organically while also providing us with a clear path to the future of shared production resources. This keeps our production staff  work in a very efficient way.”

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