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We’re building a talented community of Viz designers, operators, and developers from around the globe.

The Vizrt Certified Professional program started in 2010 with offering the Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer exam. A person having passed this exam is able to creatively design in Viz Artist, execute large portions of a project, and has good knowledge of the software’s capabilities. Immediate interest in becoming Vizrt Certified was received and registrations to write the exam from designers around the world were pouring in to the Vizrt Training Center.

Saurabh Kumar, a Vizrt Certified Pro Viz Artist designer had this to say: “My experience while designing for the exam was like I had to crack this exam in one attempt and I had given myself a challenge,” said Kumar. “The exam is designed in such a way that it checks your overall skills and knowledge in Vizrt. I have a good general knowledge of all this but the exam made me truly look at my skills and bring forth my best before starting.”

Throughout the success of the Viz Artist Designer Certification, the Vizrt Training Center built and published its Certified Pro Viz Trio Operator exam, which drew a lot of interest from the Vizrt community, and many operators from all corners of the world have signed up to get Certified. The Vizrt Training Center planted the seed to what has grown into a global community of Vizrt Certified Professionals.

A Vizrt Certified Professional is a person who has demonstrated proficiency with Vizrt software products by passing one or more product-specific proficiency exams set by Vizrt and is recognized as a significant asset in the media industry.

Vizrt Training Center is continuing to grow and offers the following certifications:

Several campaigns have been promoted offering free registration along with a Vizrt Training License for the Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer exam, and Pay if you Pass Certified Pro Viz Trio Operator exam, and the response has been overwhelming! This is proof-positive that there is great interest in learning and becoming experts in Vizrt software and becoming a more valuable member of any media company.

Cristian Dumitru, a Certified Professional Viz Artist designer, added; “The Black Friday certification was great. While I knew the software, I didn’t really consider the certification until this moment. I think it will come in handy for a possible future job and it’s a good addition to one’s CV and make you more attractive to receive future jobs/projects.”

Once certified, the Vizrt Training Center offers each individual the opportunity to have their achievement published on along with some of their work and profile. 

“It helped me gain more skills than I had before. Now I know I have solutions for every problem faced by my colleagues with Viz Artist, making me a valuable resource. Many people from other countries also contact me asking for solutions for their needs in Viz Artist. It is like the road to success,” concluded Saurabh Kumar.

To see who is Vizrt Certified globally and/or in your region take a look at our long list of Certified Pro Vizrt Professionals.

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