Multimedios Televisión expands weather presentation capabilities with Viz Weather

Find out how Viz Weather allowed Multimedios Televisión to expand their weather brand beyond their weather reports.

In 2015, Multimedios Televisión, a 24-hour Spanish-language television network located in northeast Mexico, was looking for a way to upgrade its weather presentation. The on-air look was dated and greater efficiency was needed in their meteorology department to allow them to create more compelling and engaging weather related stories for their viewers.

The network's key objectives were to find a weather system with extensive design flexibilities so they could create unique weather presentations without compromising on features required by their meteorologists and weather presenters. Multimedios also required a system that was easily expandable to new data formats and providers.

Template-based weather presentations

Viz Weather’s efficient template-based workflow combined with the real-time rendering and design capabilities of the Viz Engine was the solution that best suited Multimedios Televisión’s needs. The meteorology department migrated their operations to Viz Weather in February 2016. Since then, Multimedios has been able to produce high-quality, visually compelling on-air weather presentations. Using the flexible data integration provided by Viz Weather, Multimedios took advantage of the extensive weather data available in the market, providing their viewers with more informative and accurate weather presentations while reducing their data costs.

The template-based workflow in Viz Weather has increased efficiency and streamlined their workflow by significantly reducing the amount of time and effort required for presenters and meteorologist to produce a weather segment. Graphic templates created by the Multimedios design department are edited by meteorologist and weather presenters, applying weather-related information to create an accurate weather presentation and playlist. To minimize repetitive work, Multimedios uses “graphic concepts”, allowing them to change the look-and-feel of an entire weather show with a single click. Using centralized Viz Weather data, the meteorologists are able to edit weather forecast information once while each graphic adapts to the new values without the need of additional work. 

Expanding coverage

Multimedios also expanded other coverage including dedicated weather segments in their secondary network channels, such as Milenio, and their regional stations with daily weather updates. Each outlet features a unique design without the need of additional human resources or equipment.

"Viz Weather gave us a competitive advantage and gave our viewers a better experience with high-quality graphics and weather forecasts, all with a solid and reliable platform,” said Enrique Calderon, Multimedios Engineering Manager.

Next steps

Inspired by the success of the Viz Weather launch, Multimedios next wants to add weather content to all of their existing Vizrt infrastructure. The first stage is integrating automatic weather updates, including current weather conditions, as part of their channel branding using their existing Viz Ticker system. For the next stage, Multimedios plans to create more engaging and immersive weather presentations for their viewers by introducing augmented reality and virtual set weather presentations.

Download the Multimedios Viz Weather case study.pdf