Mr. Anthony Rose


Anthony is co-founder and CEO of 6Tribes, a new app that uses your photos, music, apps, posts and location to find matches between people and connect you with your tribe. 6Tribes will connect you with people who share your passions and interests.

Anthony is also co-founder and President of Beamly, the social and content network for television. Beamly brings you news and community around your favourite shows and lets you play along with the show. For broadcasters, Beamly is a platform and publishing tool that brings audience, insight and interactivity to their shows.

Before Beamly, Anthony headed up BBC iPlayer from 2007 to 2010, taking it from pre-launch to major success story.  Anthony moved to YouView in May 2010 to create a next-gen connected TV platform with aggregated content.

Prior to this, Anthony was CTO at Altnet and Kazaa, creating a digital music store and download application. And before that he was CTO at Brilliant Digital, where he lead the team building an interactive story-telling platform using real-time 3D graphics.