Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2012, Vizrt launched its first Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) guidelines.

2013 was mainly characterized by the establishment of policies and guidelines and by the great spirit of our employees who did not need to be encouraged to initiate great projects, but rather got carried away with these - in the best possible sense.

Vizrt is committed to ethical and legal business, environmental, human rights, and labor practices on a worldwide basis.

Our CSR is composed of the following four building blocks: Society, Environment, Our People and Governance and Ethics.



Vizrt aspires to make a commitment to society that extends from our employees making donations and doing voluntary work, to programs, nonprofit engagements or other actions benefiting any other organization around the world.




We look carefully at recycling and waste reduction. Over 80% of our employees are located in offices that have adopted robust recycling programs.

Plastics and paper are recycled in all these offices, while glass, electronic equipment, batteries, printer toners and other materials are recycled in some of them.

The adoption of a recycling program is also dependent on the readiness and awareness of the countries where our offices are located.  We plan to continue encouraging recycling, and increase the number of offices that implement recycling programs.


Our headquarters in Bergen have an advanced environmental set-up for reuse of water and heating. It draws water from the ocean to heat the building, and reuses the hot water to heat other systems as well. Excess heat is re-circulated in the building for reuse and repurposing.


Our employees

Vizrt provides a diverse and multi-national workplace environment for employees worldwide.

Our employees are experts in development, sales, and business support, with diverse backgrounds, skills, and experience. As of December 31, 2013 we employed 598 people out of which 114 (19%) were female and 484 (81%) male.

Our employees are spread over 37 offices in 29 countries.

Collaboration lies at the heart of our people strategy, which focuses on three key areas:

  • Working together: Embracing a collaborative working culture;

  • An open and diverse culture: Engaging our employees and promoting diversity and inclusion;

  • Employee opportunities: Realizing the potential of our employees through development and training opportunities.

Working together

Communication and collaboration are at the heart of our working environment. We promote the use of flexible, cross-functional teams that work together to exploit new business opportunities.


Governance and ethics

We promote responsible business practices at every level of the Company. We strive to conduct business ethically, honestly, and in accordance with our Code of Business Conduct.

The message for each employee is clear: any success that is not achieved ethically is no success at all.

We design our corporate governance policies to foster ethical conduct and comply with regulatory requirements and applicable practices for publicly listed companies. We implement practices that help manage the risks to which we are exposed and we align risk-taking appropriately with efforts to increase shareholder value. See additional corporate governance related data hereunder.

For more information on Vizrt’s CSR policy we refer to the current annual report.