Sportel Monaco 2014

At Sportel Monaco Vizrt presents several products to enhance how broadcasters and content owners analyze and display their sports coverage. Ravel Hall stand H09.

Sports analysis is key to any sports broadcast. The presenters must clearly be able to show what is happening on the field and analyze controversial calls and plays. At Sportel Monaco, Vizrt will show the latest tools that answer this need and many more sports production must haves.

Products Vizrt will show include:

Viz Libero gives your presenters a powerful tool set that allows them to seamlessly combine 3D replays with sophisticated telestration and interactivity to provide your viewers with stunning game insights. Sportel attendees will be able to preview serveral new features for Viz Libero including Automatic Player Tracking.

Viz Arena tracks cameras in real-time based on a clean video feed. This makes it possible to apply graphics to the field in the studio using only a single satellite feed without the need of mechanical tracking heads. Live sports enhancements include virtual advertisements, distance measurements, record lines, player pointers, team badges, or starting grids.

Viz Trio, Vizrt’s real-time character generator (CG), gives operators the ability to edit and trigger live graphics for any sports event. With integrations into most data sources, Viz Trio is ideal for live data–heavy events. Viz Trio's small form-factor make it ideal for use in OB vans as well as in the control room.

Vizrt will also display an immersive and interactive graphics system that lets your presenter interact with graphic content in real-time, controlling the flow of the sports story.

Come see these tools and much more at the Vizrt booth during Sportel Monaco, in Ravel Hall stand H09. Make an appointment today!

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