Viz Mosartist Summit 2016

Vizrt Norway invited Viz Mosartists to Bergen for a two day workshop and training event.

Viz Mosartists are gathering in Bergen, Norway for the Viz Mosartist Summit, March 14th – 15th, to learn, explore, and spark inspiration with Vizrt's automation solution.

Viz Mosartists with a keen interest in innovation and automation will learn directly from Viz Mosart Product experts. Our aim is to present useful insights and relevant tools to bring home to the studio.

Here are a few topics which will be covered:

  • New features in 3.6 and 3.7
  • Changes in supported devices
  • Info/Demo Viz Mimic ­autoproducer
  • Showcase: Expressen
  • ShowMaker+Viz One integration
  • Viz solution overview & architecture
  • Workshop How to train computer nerds to TV

Viz Mosart takes input from the newsroom computer system and translates it into commands for all connected systems and devices, giving the broadcaster greater flexibility, speed of response, and cost-effectiveness in news, weather and sports broadcasts.

Viz Mosart offers greatly simplified operations through creation of re-usable and flexible broadcast templates and the ability to have one newsroom script aired anywhere, from any studio at any time. In breaking news situations, Viz Mosart operators can make live changes on the fly at any time using Mosart’s advanced shortcut functionalities and efficient rundown modification tools. Complex operations can be performed fast, easy and without errors, and the operator can focus on creating great content.

Contact the Vizrt Training Center if you would like to learn more about Viz Mosartist training.