Viz Trio Introductory course - London

Learn how to use the best character generator in the world.

In response to demand Vizrt UK will be running a 3 day Viz Trio training from 10th-12th October,2016. This course is for technicians and operators and will be structured as follows:.

Day 1: Candidates are introduced to Vizrt's system architecture and how to install and set up a Viz Trio system, including  integrations with other systems. The focus is on system maintenance, back up and troubleshooting.

Days 2 & 3: The power of Viz Trio is demonstrated through an introduction to core function and operational workflow. Candidates learn how to work with shows and playlists, how to edit templates and create pages, implement concepts and variants, create scrollers, work with maps, transition logic and standalone scenes, video and imagery.

By the end of this course, candidates are able to control graphics and video output and make fast changes to content whenever needed.

The course is open to all our customers, however the number of trainees is limited to 10 spaces - a group size which optimises learning and enables group interaction.

The cost of the course is £600 per person +VAT which includes the provision of a buffet lunch every day. The course is being conducted in the Vizrt UK office based in Ealing Studios, West London.

If you already have specific training requirements, you may be interested in more detailed or tailor-made training. Customized courses for smaller groups and specific customers can be arranged.

To enroll for the course please contact me at Joanna Kaliniecka-Williamson, Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator at or phone +44 (0) 208 280 0416.

Any questions regarding the Vizrt Training please contact the Vizrt Training Center.