Viz University Online Training

Take this opportunity and join our 30 Day Viz University online training starting March 1, 2017!

Vizrt is calling all Designers and Operators in the United States to join our 30 Day Viz University ONLINE Viz Artist Design and/or Viz Trio Operator Training Event.

This is an online introductory course for budding designers new to 3D graphics and design animation and/or operators.

Students will learn the essentials of Viz Artist: the interface, tools and features along with covering aspects of managing the Graphic Hub database. Along with an introduction to the Viz Trio system's core functions, learn how to edit shows, create playlists and scrollers, and use templates for creating data elements. Participants will also be taught Vizrt's video integration, Transition Logic and how to create real-time graphics for the broadcast environment.

Take a sneak peek of one of many learning videos available within the online courses:

The 30 day training is being offered to give students an ample amount of time to work within the online courses and complete the online tests.

Deadline for registration and payment of 150 USD is due February 17, 2017. Course is Full.

What we are offering:

Access to Viz University online courses:

Vizrt Training License for the duration of the course, if needed

A distinctively designed Vizrt diploma will be mailed to you with the details of your success after completing the Viz Artist Basic Design and/or Viz Trio Operator training online tests

ATTENDEES: Experienced designers and CG Operators would benefit most from this course, and experience with other 3D packages would be an advantage

  • A PC or laptop with the following specs will be required:
  • Windows 7 (higher versions may work but are not supported)
  • 8G RAM or higher
  • Nvidia GPU recommended

OBJECTIVE: By the end of this intensive online training, students are able to use these industry standard tools to create real-time graphics for the broadcasting environment.

COST: 150 USD invoiced via Paypal.

Deadline for registration and payment is February 17, 2017. Course is Full.

* Please let us know in your registration reply if you will be needing a Training License. Please include your mailing address with phone number so the dongle can be shipped to you. An opportunity for renewal of your Training License (a 1 year student license) at a reduced prices of 250 USD will be available. (Original cost for Freelancers is 500 USD)