Viz Guru Virtual Set - Bandung

Viz Guru 2017 in Bandung City, Indonesia

Vizrt is excited to invite you to the annual Viz Guru 2017 in Bandung City, Indonesia. The training event will be held for five days starting from October 16th 2017.

The main focus will be Viz Artist graphics focusing on advanced Virtual Set and Augmented Reality design work, Data Integration along with Interactivity possibility.

Vizrt has hosted many Viz Guru training events around the world and the community of Viz Gurus is continuing to grow! Our aim is to ensure we offer distinguished training courses to Vizrt designer, developer, operator enthusiasts to sharpen and develop their already proven skills. Encouraging the best to become even better, this is a great opportunity for Vizrt's users to come together and exchange the latest tips and tricks.


This event will be held in Bandung City, Indonesia with Artur Paprocki from Vizrt Poland for the design part and Lapat Tantipathananandh from Vizrt Asia Pacific HQ in Bangkok for the Data Integration and Interactivity part.


The five days training will be held in Bandung City, Indonesia. The exact place of event is to be announced.


This will be announced later.


Kindly note that in order to attend the course, there will be a fee that will be charged.

The fees is without any accommodation and travel allowance included.

Customer who is covered by Vizrt Annual Support: USD 1,200

Customer who is not covered by Vizrt Annual Support: USD  2,000

Self funded customer: kindly ask us for further details.


We kindly ask each attendee to make the complete payment prior the starting date of the event.

We are opening a very limited seat this year and we hope that those who are interested in joining in are having a prior understanding in utilizing our Designing tool, Viz Artist.


We are of course able to help you with any further information whenever needed.

Kindly contact Indriantie Triyanto at itriyanto|V:ZR7 for any kind of assistance you need regarding Viz Guru.