Viz Pilot 5.6.2

Viz Pilot 5.6.2 is a maintenance release. It is recommended as an update to all previous 5.x installations, as well as for new installations.

Fixed Issues

Note: For a complete overview of fixed issues, please see the release notes.


- Fixed various instability issues

- Characters now appear with no delay when editing in the TableEditor component

- Added all files (.) filter to delphi select image component

Viz Pilot

- Fixed support for images from asset search providers in ControlList based templates

- Crop service setting no longer ignored when set in the database

Newsroom Component

- Re-opening a data element in the Dalet newsroom system can no longer lead to a crash (access violation)

- Fixed a possible memory corruption (could manifest in a crash due to an invalid pointer operation or access violation) caused by improper use of date-time picker components

- Video timeline MOS documents with explicit XML namespace prefixes are now accepted

- Fixed bug that prevented preview of transition logic scenes

- Date filter now also works when searching in Viz One

- Fixed a crash that could happen when previewing transition logic templates with rich text fields in them and later closing the newsroom component or opening another template

- Using the Detached Preview feature will not lead to a crash any more. Previously an error could come some time after the plugin was closed

- Improved handling of errors that might come during opening of the plugin

- Losing the connection to the database will now not cause a crash during closing of the plugin

- Fixed database issue with the order management system that causes problems listing orders for the current user on the order management website

- Fixed state issue that would prevent the user from opening a video from the hosting newsroom system after opening a template. It would also incorrectly show the ok/cancel buttons when opening templates after videos

- Fixed an issue where the Newsroom Client would run out of memory after previewing multiple videos

- Removed an error dialog that would pop up in the Timeline Editor when "Cancel" is pressed after a failure to open a video

Template Wizard

- Fixed bug that caused scene modifications to be saved on the original template when clicking "Save as new"

- Fixed sticky re-import button state in the template manager

Important Installation Notes

Upgrading from a Viz Pilot version below 5.x requires a major update of the database structure and is therefore recommended to be performed in coordination with Vizrt support.

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation

For full details, installation notes and known issues, read the Viz Pilot 5.6.2 Release Notes .

For information on Viz Pilot 5.6, read the Viz Pilot 5.6 release announcement.

Downloadinstallation files from the FTP in /products/VizContentPilot/LatestVersion folder.

For documentation, visit our Documentation Center.

For a quick-tour of the new Viz Pilot 5.6 features, see the Viz One integration in Viz Pilot 5.6 video.