Screencast and Sequencer Ingest 1.0

Vizrt are pleased to announce the release of Screencast and Sequencer Ingest 1.0.


Screencast 1.0 is the first release of Vizrt's new screen grab tool, designed to fit the Vizrt workflow and sending static screenshots or live-stream content from the desktop to air.

Main Features

  • Show a screen selection as part of a Viz Engine scene
  • Smoothly fade in and out animations
  • Perform transitions between differently sized selections
  • Show live video of a paused image
  • Take and distribute screen shots

Software Requirements

  • Windows 7, or later
  • Microsoft .NET 4.5.1, or later
  • Viz Engine 3.7, or later
  • Optional: Sequencer Ingest 1.0

Hardware Requirements

  • Graphics card that supports native HD (1920x1080 pixels) resolution at  a screen refresh rate of either 25Hz , 50Hz (PAL) or 60Hz (NTSC) frames per second.
  • Graphics card that supports duplicate screens.
  • DVI or HDMI to SDI converter

Known Limitations

  • It is not possible to grab a selection on multiple screens. Having a multiple screen-setup is thus not recommended, but if used, note that the selection can only be fetched from the monitor defined as the primary screen.
  • In order for the Pause functionality to work, the "usefbo" setting on the Viz Engine machine must be set to "1".

Sequencer Ingest

Sequencer Ingest 1.0 is released together with this release of Screencast. Sequencer Ingest is a Windows service that monitors an ingest folder for image files, and adds these files to a defined show on the Media Sequencer.

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation