Sportel Monaco 2016

At Sportel Monaco, Vizrt will show how sports teams, federations and broadcasters can up their game with our easy to use tools for sports coverage, game preparation and analyzis. Come see us in Ravel hall, stand B12

Vizrt's solutions provide the perfect tools not only for broadcasters, but also for teams and content owners who want to make the most of the game. With Vizrt, sports teams of all sizes can optimize how to visualize, analyze, communicate with fans, and create new commercial revenue.

Make the most of the game footage

Our solutions provide a streamlined end-to-end workflow. Viz Arena, Vizrt's live virtual enhancement tool, is extremely versatile and require minimal operator training. Virtual graphics can be applied to every sport event and under any condition. Visualize the dynamics of the game and capitalize on your sports content through targeted virtual advertising.

Visualization for game day preparation and analysis

As sports games become faster and more complex, analysis tools are needed in order to break down the key plays and visualize the tactics behind them. With Viz Libero, teams and coaches have the perfect solution to analyze and prepare.

Easy to use live production tools for all sports

Make sure to talk to us about how Vizrt's automation solution can open new opportunities for any sports team and federation. Viz Opus is the world's most cost-effective journalist-driven live production system. A one-man operation, no need for an extensive broadcast set up, you can drive a complete live production from a single-box setup and with an easy to use interface.

Sports broadcasting. Redefined

At Sportel Monaco, you can also see how our sports production tools were used at the year's biggest events, including the Summer Games in Brazil and the European Football Tournament.

We will show examples of the latest developments in Viz Eclipse – Vizrt's live virtual advertising replacement – and Viz Trio, the number one character generator for live televised events across the globe.

Come see us at Sportel Monaco, Ravel Hall stand B12.

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