Viz One API Training in Sydney

Learn the fundamentals of using the various APIs provided by Viz One - Course is full

Viz One is more than just a production, management and distribution system. A broad range of APIs, extend its capacity to numerous alternative media applications. These APIs abstract low-level media asset management operations like transcoding and delivery mechanisms, freeing the developer to focus on their design visions.

Comprehensive control is offered over procedures like content transcoding, metadata manipulation, storage logic opera4ons, crea4ng playlists and publishing to and from external systems. The APIs are based on REST and support rapid event-based processing.

Course Description

In this hands-on course, students learn the fundamentals of using the various APIs provided by Viz One. Specifically, participants will learn how to create assets, search for assets, publish media, and manage tasks. Training and hands-on labs will use the Python programming language.

The objective of this course is to provide participants with basic knowledge of the APIs and how to execute commands against a few of the APIs as well as triggering commands based events within Viz One.


  • Knowledge of the Python programming language
  • Basic knowledge of HTTP and XML
  • Experience of Viz One, whilst not mandatory, is a great advantage

There is no more space available.

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