Graphic Hub 3.0

Vizrt is pleased to announce the release of Graphic Hub 3.0.

This is a major release and Vizrt strongly recommends upgrading as soon as possible.

Graphic Hub 3.0.0 is released together with:

  • Graphic Hub Terminal 3.0.0
  • Graphic Hub Manager 5.0.0
  • Graphic Hub Deploy 2.0.0
  • Graphic Hub REST 2.0.0

Optional back end for Pilot 7.0 and higher including Failover/Redundancy option

Graphic Hub 3.0 in combination with Graphic Hub REST 2.0 can be used as a back end data storage solution for Pilot 7. Key Features of Graphic Hub 3 as Viz Pilot back end system are:

  • Centralized storage for both Viz Engine graphics and Viz Pilot data.
  • Easy setup of main and replication servers for redundancy and failover capabilities.
  • Easy installation without any extensive database knowledge requirements or complex upgrade procedures.
  • Cloud-ready back end based on Graphic Hub REST.
  • Easy UI-driven data import from a running Oracle database on Viz Pilot schema version 6 or 7 to the Graphic Hub via the Graphic Hub Manager.
  • Automated cleanup capabilities through scheduled tasks

Easy import through GH Manager Viz Pilot data import wizard

See the Graphic hub Manual - Import Viz Pilot Data Schema

Pilot Data High Availability Cluster Solution (Main/Replication)

As with previous Graphic Hub versions, each modifying statement in a cluster environment will be replicated towards the Replication server to guarantee real time redundancy.


Automated cleanup capabilities through scheduled tasks

Possibility to schedule a Viz Pilot data elements and Viz Pilot changelog cleanup task via Graphic Hub Terminal.

Graphic Hub Terminal running as service including Browser based UI


Terminal 3 is a major rewrite and has the following highlights:

  • Runs as a service (including Graphic Hub)
  • Web based user interface based on HTTP REST API.
  • Graphic Hub license management
  • Task management (Journal Backup, Shutdown, Expired files cleanup, ...)
  • Simplified setup of a cluster (main, replication).
  • E-mail SSL/TLS support
  • Configuration history with ability to restart server using old configurations.
  • Extended logging and error reporting capabilities
  • Service discovery based on the Service Location Protocol (SLP)



New Browser based Graphic Hub REST configuration



Bi-directional communication

Improved network security: Graphic Hub 3 components only require a limited number of open network ports. 

Clients starting with GH Deploy Agent 2, Graphic Hub Manager 5, GH REST 2, and Viz Artist 3.8.2 and higher do not require any port exemption rules on the client side firewall configuration. However, for earlier versions, all ports must be open on the client side.


Support for virtualization with the supported operating systems and dongles on VMware™ ESXi 6.0 Update 2.

64 Bit and UAC (user access control) awareness

Extended data storage capabilities (but not improved performance). UAC support does not require Administrative permission as client.

For documentation, go to our Documentation Center.