NAB 2018

Thank you for visiting us at NAB 2018.

Vizrt will be exhibiting at the NAB 2018 show, and we look forward to showing you our world leading products and solutions:

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Flexible and powerful automation

Vizrt's automation systems – featuring Viz Mosart and Viz Opus – provide comprehensive automation tools for easily controlling complex live productions. Viz Opus, Vizrt's compact control room solution, provides newscast automation, real-time graphics and video playout, including playout of commercials, all in a single cost-effective system. A one-man operation, no need for an extensive broadcast set-up, you can drive a complete live production from a single-box setup and with an easy to use interface.

Make the most of the game footage

Our sports solutions provide a streamlined end-to-end workflow for any sports production. Viz Arena, Vizrt's live virtual enhancement tool, is extremely versatile and require minimal operator training. Virtual graphics can be applied to every sport event and under any condition. Visualize the dynamics of the game and capitalize on your sports content through targeted virtual advertising.

Visualization for game day preparation and analysis

As sports games become faster and more complex, analysis tools are needed in order to break down the key plays and visualize the tactics behind them. With Viz Libero, teams and coaches have the perfect solution to analyze and prepare.


Multiplatform distribution

Viz One, Vizrt’s media asset management (MAM) system, allows media companies to manage all of their content in a central repository. Viz One includes Coder, an easy tool for producing VOD variants for web and mobile distribution with resolutions up to 4K/UHD - including adding graphics.


HTML-based newsroom workflow

The html-based newsroom plug-in Viz Pilot Edge enables journalists to populate graphics and video templates using their browser of choice, on Mac or PC. Viz Pilot Edge works together with Viz Opus and other playlist-driven tools to create a fast workflow for building content for use on air.


Controlling the screens in the studio

Studio productions are becoming more complex as broadcasters add more screens to give the journalists more storytelling options. The large number of screens in the studio requires a system that is easy to use and flexible enough to allow different content to be distributed to any of the screens on-demand. Viz Multiplay answers this need and provides a powerful workflow and an easy to use interface for displaying multiple video sources, clips and data-driven graphics.

The Big AR Show

Vizrt is bringing the Big AR Show again to NAB 2018. The Big AR Show wowed audiences in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Dubai and Singapore, and the new Las Vegas edition promises to be even bigger. The Big AR Show showcases the advanced features of Viz Virtual Studio and Viz Engine, for creating augmented reality graphics and photo realistic virtual sets. 

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We look forward to showing you our latest developments and innovations at booth SL2416.