Logger 7.0

Vizrt is pleased to announce the latest version of the cataloguing tool for Viz One, Logger 7.0.

Logger is designed for adding rights, compliance and scene descriptions, as well as QC logging. As media is logged, log entries are immediately added to the original media in Viz One.

Multiple users can work simultaneously on the same media. From Studio, Viz One's web interface, logs are presented in an easy to read representation on an item’s Log tab. All log entries use the standard Vizrt Data Format (VDF) specification and components; this enables use of powerful metadata components such Directories and Dictionaries.

Playback using DeckLink Video Card

Logger 7.0 can play out a high-res video through HDMI and SDI to an external monitor, using a DeckLink video card from Blackmagic Design. This results in higher playback fidelity as compared to the existing second display output option in Logger.


Playback using MSE and Viz Engine

Logger can control SDI playback of a high-res video using Media Sequencer and Viz Engine to an external monitor. Logger enables staging of high-res video from Viz One to Viz Engine and monitors staging status.


Access and Media Rights

Logger 7.0 now checks both access rights and media rights on an item or package to be able to show it to user as long as user (or user’s group) has sufficient privileges to view them. These rights are defined to group- level permissions; individual users are assigned to groups.

Time Code API

Logger now uses time code API provided by VizOne to show source time codes and time code jumps.

Linking Related Assets

Working with media that has related assets, for example video with external audio dubs or subtitles. Logger enables the assets to be used together using simple drag and drop and also removing related assets.


Frame Accurate Proxy

Support for frame accurate proxy for 50p and 60p material which enables user to see all the frames of the high-res material in proxy so user will not lose any frame that has interesting information and will be able to do accurate logging.

Support for 24 Hours Long Files

Logger can work with 24 hours long material and user can perform all the playback operations.


Full documentation including release notes and user guide can be found on ftp.vizrt.com.