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TVNewsCheck speaks with Lucy Paynter, real-time art director for Vice News Tonight about how she draws on her traditional TV background to choose the elements and experiences that will best contribute to the workflow that’s needed for a newscast with an avant garde flair.

The new audio mode provides greater flexibility in audio control and an improved UI features a larger preview window.

New features include new proxy server compatibility and settings migration, plus numerous bug fixes

Viz Artist Design Competition 2017

New features include an easy playlist scheduling tool, a new media management tool, and support for handling live events.

The award is presented to women leaders in Bergen, Norway, who have had a positive impact to local business.

Viz One 5.12 includes features that more effectively send media, manage high-quality original versions, and track media relations.

There are currently over 2 billion users on social networks, 41 percent of these use Facebook as their primary news source. And the trend is upwards.

Vizrt is testing a new offering that lets users edit video, audio and graphics directly from a browser — and publish it to social media and OTT platforms.

Amongst other things, live TV on mobile platforms has increased by 83 percent. “On a big news day, our live TV can make up 60 to 70 % of the total viewership,” says Bella Ley, head of Expressen TV