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The contrast between traditional news delivery a decade ago and today is the emergence of social media platforms, which are becoming consumers’ first point of contact when it comes to breaking news.

The Vietnamese media company will use Vizrt's full suite of live productions tools.

The Chinese telecom and technology conglomerate used Vizrt graphics tools for game coverage.

The update includes integration with Google Maps for better maps, created quicker and with more flexibility than ever had before.

The studio, based at The Australian facilities in Sydney, features massive videowalls controlled by Viz Multiplay.

The show has completely redeveloped its branding and uses five Viz Engines to drive graphics and videowalls.

Professional and collegiate football teams are relying on Viz Arena, Vizrt’s virtual 3D graphics and in-game analysis system for their live coverage.

Editors can now add high-quality Vizrt graphics to projects in Grass Valley’s editing system.

Its massive gear complement includes Vizrt laptops, 40+ cameras, 6+ slo-mos, and 14 underground mics.

ESPN Vizrt graphics, replay operators will be located at Bristol HQ for NBA game productions.