Viz Arena’s image-based camera tracking changes the game for football rights holders

Viz Arena’s unique image-based camera tracking capability and integration with real-time 3D graphics from Viz Engine gives broadcasters new possibilities for football (soccer) coverage.

As the 2014 football season approaches, broadcasters are searching for tools to enhance their coverage. The new Viz Arena provides a powerful image-based camera tracking solution for live in-game analysis. This makes it possible to apply graphics on the field without mechanical tracking heads. Data-driven graphics, sponsor branding and analysis content are added live during the match. New monetization opportunities are created with the capability to place virtual ads on any surface in the live video.

Viz Arena includes replay telestration (i.e. player markers / labels, arrows, areas, and others) to analyze the match for quick in-game analysis and the ability to customize the product to your needs. Other common virtual elements like advertisements, distance measurements, offside lines, team badges or scores are also part of the new solution.

Viz Arena uses the real-time 3D compositor, Viz Engine, to create stunning virtual graphics and effects on the football pitch. All effects are superimposed on the live signal or on instant replays and can be customized with Vizrt’s 3D graphic design system, Viz Artist. Furthermore, Viz Arena allows integration with any type of sports data provider, like deltatre, STATS, or Opta, visualizing live player tracking, statistical data or heatmaps.

Viz Arena is a cost-effective and easy to set up virtual graphics solution for football matches. Perfect for OB vans, set-up is done in a matter of minutes and requires very little hardware. The system is lightweight, running on standard Viz Engine hardware, and very easy to use, using a newly designed control interface.

On-field graphics and real-time analysis are becoming more important in sports coverage as broadcasters try to find ways to stand out in a growing crowd of sports content holders. Using Viz Arena, broadcasters have a new way of bringing these enhancements to viewers in an easy to use and set-up solution.

Learn more on the Viz Arena product page.