Vizrt – LiberoVision’s 3D tennis analysis revealed during ATP tournament in Vienna

Austrian state broadcaster ORF premiered Libero Highlight for tennis during the ATP World Tour tournament in Vienna.

The new Libero Highlight version for tennis had its premiere during the ATP World Tour tournament in Vienna, Austria. It was used by Austrian state broadcaster ORF in-game to break down important plays of “Erste Bank Open”, typically at the end of each set. Both ORF commentators and former tennis players Alexander Antonitsch, and Stephan Koubek were amazed by the new technology, which allowed them to reveal new insights of the game for the viewers at home. The analysis tools were used to display specific tactics of the different players and to break down key points from each set and game.

Libero Highlights’ performance made it possible to get over 70 clips on air during 5 days. The clips were built of 3D flights and new perspectives with annotations like ball impacts, ball speed and trajectory, player’s position and distance covered.

Tennis was announced during IBC 2012 in Amsterdam along with Cricket, Field-Hockey, Beach Volleyball, and Australian Football to complement LiberoVision’s sport portfolio of 13 different sports.