Be inspired!

There are tons of great Vizrt showreels online. Here's a few of our personal favourites!

Every week designers across the world post their showreels on video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. For us at Vizrt, it'a great way of catching up with the latest trends in graphics - not to mention how our very own products are being used by TV channels worldwide.

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We continuously post fresh videos in social media as they appear, but if you're not there: here are some goodies:

Allan Giacomelli (for CBC, Canada):

"These graphics are from CBC News and CBC News: Canada Votes Election Night. There are examples of VizDataPool, Transition Logic, and Perceptive Pixel touch screen programming."

Paul Boyd (for The Weather Channel, USA)

"I worked to produce a package of Vizrt graphics that replicated as much as possible the open animations and type treatments produced in Cinema 4D."

Greg Sanders(for KPTV, USA)

"All elements were made on the Viz 3.3 platform and are real time graphics. The lower thirds are based on the Viz transition logic system"

Pavel Boreiko (Russia 24. Financial News)

"Vizrt-based information graphics templates."

Philip Bilmore (for Sky News, UK)

"A brief look at the quick turnaround graphics produced for Sky News. Using XSI, Vizrt and 3ds Max."        

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