SVGE’s Football Production Summit: World Cup update with Dan Miodownik of HBS

The Keynote Presentation at Sports Video Group Europe’s Football Production Summit at Stade de France came from Dan Miodownik, Director of Production, Host Broadcast Services. Miodownik gave Paris delegates a comprehensive preview of the production plan for 2014 World Cup Brazil including core technologies and operations; venues and file transfers; managing the IBC workflow; and the multimedia service plan for Media Rights Licensees.

The following is a excerpt from the full article available from SVG Europe

“On the graphics and stats side, working with Deltatre we have the global contract with FIFA for the central resource system – but in addition they are providing services for us and for MRLs both on-site and off-site via the Magma Pro system as well as Deltatre football. HBS is using Vizrt Libero for its computer-generated sequences for enhanced graphics. In terms of numbers, we’re looking at 280 production personnel – that’s just production editorial staff. That does not include those in the IBC who are working on the administration and coordination of the event,” said Miodowniik.

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