Thank you for visiting us at IBC 2014

Take a look at all the demonstrations Vizrt presented at IBC 2014 in our wrap-up page.

Thank you for helping make this IBC 2014 a huge success! We presented many production tools for the digital media industry including the premier during the Vizrt press conference of Viz Opus and Viz Multiplay. The press conference also introduced several new features for existing products including integration between Viz One and Adobe After Effects and the new player tracking capability of Viz Libero.




The compact control room

Viz Opus offers broadcasters a quickly deployable, easy to use, fully integrated, compact control room in one system. Viz Opus combines Viz Engine for high-quality video and graphics playout, Viz Mosart automation system, and an audio mixer into one package, all integrated to work seamlessly together. Viz Opus is easy to implement, use and repurpose. The system only needs camera/external inputs, graphics and video content to be ready to start producing.

The next step in studio automation

Vizrt demonstrated the latest version of the powerful Viz Mosart studio automation system. Viz Mosart includes tools for directors to instantly access content from any source and output to any location, making easy on-the-fly decisions in an automated control room. The latest version includes a new GUI that is touch friendly, while a new rundown view shows all items as buttons and can be sent to preview, on air or to a video wall. A new interface to organize active rundowns has been added as well as a new audio file player.

Do more with studio monitors and video walls

Vizrt premiered Viz Multiplay, a new system that gives broadcasters an easy way of controlling studio screens and video walls. Viz Multiplay is capable of controlling many Viz Engines at once, giving broadcasters unlimited flexibility for studio screen configurations.

4K, IP, virtual graphics and cloud rendering

Vizrt displayed the real-time 4K and Ultra High Definition (UHD) rendering capability of the new 64-bit Viz Engine, Vizrt’s real-time 3D compositing engine, which uses the Matrox DSXLE3/04/4K for both 4K and UHD SDI output. In addition, Vizrt showed Viz Engine's IP-streaming capability, allowing broadcasters to stream multiple formats and resolutions simultaneously, speeding the creation of online and mobile graphic and video content.

Viz Engine now supports up to 16 layers of scenes that are controlled separately. The user organizes scenes in different layers for up to eight live inputs, 16 clip channels, four stream in and 16 graphics channels.

Integration with NVIDIA’s GRID VCA enables up to eight concurrent users to share the same application with workstation performance and Quadro compatibility, removing the need for a high-capacity local workstation and making it possible for a design department to have Viz Artist on every desktop.

Viz Engine will run in the IBM cloud, enabling editors using Vizrt’s graphics plug-in in their native non-linear editor (NLE) to access graphics without the need for Viz Engine hardware.

Vizrt displayed a groundbreaking real-time 4K immersive graphics system, showing Viz Engine and Viz Virtual Studio integrated with Red Digital Cinema and Ncam in their booth.

Vizrt demonstrated the advanced capabilities of Viz Engine and Viz Virtual Studio, including rendering 12 clips simultaneously in multiple virtual environments. The virtual set includes interactive immersive graphics that are fully integrated with Vizrt’s video, broadcast graphics, social TV, and sports analysis systems.

Greater design flexibility

Viz Artist and Viz Engine, include a new integration to MAXON CINEMA 4D and CINEWARE that allows designers to make changes to a scene in CINEMA 4D and see the update in real-time on connected Viz Engines. Vizrt also demonstrated how Adobe After Effects projects are used in Viz Artist.

Sports production and analysis

Vizrt has provided the graphics, video, and analysis for every major sports event this year, including the Super Bowl, Sochi Winter Games and World Cup in Brazil.

At IBC 2014, Vizrt displayed the newest features of Viz Arena, Vizrt’s image-based (trackerless) live sports enhancement solution. Viz Arena can be used downstream in the studio using the clean feed of the game. Viz Arena has been extended for more sports including football/soccer, American football, tennis and rugby. Powerful live player graphics can be inserted using Viz Arena’s integration with live player tracking and statistics providers.

Also at the show, Viz Libero, Vizrt’s sports analysis system, introduced the new player tracking capability that allows broadcasters to create anaysis clips in seconds. In addition, Viz Libero’s plugin interface for external data providers is on display after its successful premiere during the World Cup in Brazil. It allows broadcasters to visualize statistics data, player tracks or heat-maps.

Live graphics for news and sports

Viz Trio 3.0, Vizrt’s character generator (CG), premiered at IBC 2014. A faster page list for rapid playlist import, access to Viz One asset metadata, and improved handling of large show import and export, all give Viz Trio greater speed and flexibility when preparing for a live show.

Vizrt also previewed Viz Pilot 6.0, the latest version of the newsroom and control room content management platform. Viz Pilot 6.0 will include the Order Management system, allowing journalists to have a direct line of communication for requesting assets from designers. The Meta-Graphics workflow will be integrated in the newsroom control system (NRCS), and journalists will be able to find content quickly with the new metadata viewer in the Media Search frame.

Viz One for smarter media asset management (MAM) & clip store

Vizrt showcased the new integration between Viz One file-based media asset management (MAM) system and Adobe® After Effects®, and Adobe® Anywhere. The result is a faster, more collaborative graphics and video editing experience.

With the new Viz One Meta-Graphics workflow, journalists place graphics on a video timeline without burning in the graphics. The graphics and video are rendered together live on-air and online allowing last-minute changes. The Meta-Graphics workflow was demonstrated with a new integration in Apple’s Final Cut Pro X in the What's Next lounge.

The new Clip Store package for Viz One was also be part of the MAM demonstration. Clip Store provides a central repository of images and video, tightly integrated with Viz Engine.

Social TV integration

At IBC, Vizrt featured an update to the Vizrt Social TV solution’s Feed Streamer, an application for monitoring, sorting and filtering social media feeds. Feed Streamer is now able to trigger content directly to air. The solution has also been updated to create advanced analytics visualizations including geo-located heatmaps.



Weather and Maps

Vizrt’s 3D mapping solution Viz World has been released with a new user interface and a suite of new tools that improves journalists’ and designers’ productivity including integration with Adobe Photoshop CC and live traffic integration. The features were demonstrated within a newsroom workflow, integrated with social TV, in an interactive workflow, and in Viz Weather.

Viz Weather now features a simplified user interface and improved graphics displays. Severe weather data visualizations have been added including lightning display, enhanced alerts displays, interactive alerts, and local storm reports. Other new enhancements include integration with high-resolution weather cameras and social TV interaction.

Channel branding

The latest version of Viz Multichannel features integration with Viz One for clip playback, as well as direct control from multiple automation systems. Viz Multichannel playlists can now span multiple days, and be opened and controlled by Viz Trio.