Viz Arena 4.2: Basketball and a downstream workflow for virtual signage

Viz Arena 4.2 is a release for the image-based version of Vizrt’s live sports enhancement product.

Viz Arena 4.2 is a release for the image-based version of Vizrt’s live sports enhancement product. The centerpiece of the 4.2 release is a simple yet sophisticated downstream workflow, which allows Viz Arena’s virtual enhancement features to be applied easily on a program feed in the broadcast center. Downstream features include an automatic cut detection and an internal signal buffer for quality control. In addition, Viz Arena 4.2 comes with enhanced features for virtual signage and adds Basketball to the supported sports. Within the last few months, many broadcasters in all of Vizrt’s regions have decided to use the new image-based Viz Arena.

Downstream workflow and features

Viz Arena 4.2 contains a dedicated downstream production workflow, which makes it possible to apply live virtual enhancements from the broadcast center, even with the multi-camera program feed as input (also possible with dirty signal), and without any additional installation in the stadium.

The downstream solution includes an automatic image-cut detection algorithm, which takes off the virtual graphics in case of a camera cut to a different angle. Also, it re-detects the prepared camera again when cutting back, and automatically inserts the graphics on that view. This ensures consistency for the virtual signage on the field and an unobstructed workflow for the operator, which can still intervene manually on the image-cuts if desired by adding a delay to the video output for quality control.

New sport: Basketball

Basketball is available for Viz Arena with the 4.2 release, i.e. to put virtual signage on to the field, or to apply replay effects to important game plays. It complements the previously available sports (Soccer, American Football, Rugby and Tennis) for the image-based version of Viz Arena.

Besides that, the mechanical tracking version of Viz Arena can still be used on all kind of sports, also with difficult tracking conditions like motorsports, horseracing or all kinds of winter sports.

Improved advertisement control

The Viz Arena 4.2 version allows you to place your sponsor logos manually on the field, or to have a permanent position during the complete game. This feature is very useful in a downstream workflow to insert virtual signage on or around the playing field.

You can even have an animated advertisement carousel that automatically switches between different sponsors. The powerful Vizrt graphics Engine makes it possible to design and render advanced 3D ad effects.

For further information, please contact your Vizrt sales representative or refer to the Viz Arena 4.2 Release Notes document.