Show desktop content live on-air with Screencast

Screencast is a new tool from Vizrt that allows content from any desktop to be displayed live on-air in broadcast quality.

Whether it is a live broadcast, entertainment, news, or sports show, there is often a need to display content—captured from Skype, online news sources, YouTube, Vimeo, or other websites—as part of the broadcast. Vizrt's elegant, easy-to-use Screencast tool makes capturing such content possible for anyone with a desktop computer.

Screencast allows content from any desktop, including web pages, to be displayed on-air in real-time. Viz Engine, Vizrt’s real-time compositing engine takes Screencast content and distributes it as an HD SDI output. The combination of Viz Engine, Screencast, and a scan converter is all that is needed.

Screencast can be used independent of any existing Vizrt infrastructure or be used to complement full Vizrt graphics and video workflows.


The Screencast application is simple to use. An operator defines the area of the screen they wish to be displayed and the content is then visualized through Viz Engine and displayed inside 3D graphics as a live texture, for use on-air, or in a monitor in the studio. Video is sent from the desktop through an HDMI/DVI to SDI scan converter to Viz Engine. Audio from the desktop is transferred over HDMI, with audio/video sync taken care of by Viz Engine. Screencast is aspect ratio independent, allowing broadcasters to display content in any size.

Download the Screencast product sheet

Read the Screencast 1.0 release notes