Vizrt introduces 4K ready single-box severe weather alerts solution

The solution provides broadcasters severe weather alerts with Viz Weather for broadcast in HD and 4K.

Vizrt, a leading provider of production tools for the digital media industry, announced today a new solution for providing broadcasters severe weather alerts with Viz Weather for broadcast in HD and 4K. The solution is available as both a single-box solution or in an integrated workflow with existing Vizrt systems. Vizrt premiered the solution at NAB 2015.

Vizrt Weather Alerts is the only next generation cost effective alerts solution in the market. The solution allows broadcasters to manage and control the displaying of watches and warnings, overlay satellite and radar, and create a two way communication between the broadcasters and the viewers by integrating social media, all from a single intuitive user interface with no monthly data fees unless required from a 3rd party data provider.

Single-box solution

The Vizrt Weather Alerts single-box solution is designed for broadcasters who are in need of a turnkey weather system for displaying severe weather alerts. It includes a customizable set of pre-designed graphics that can display content in HD and 4K, as part of a live ticker with the built-in Viz Ticker system, or on an interactive display.

Integrated workflow

The Vizrt Weather Alerts solution is also available as part of an integrated workflow for broadcasters that already have in place Vizrt production tools. The Vizrt Weather Alerts data is available for the journalists as part of Viz Pilot templates in their native newsroom control system (NRCS) and can be displayed live on-air with Viz Pilot or the Viz Trio character generator.

Accurate local weather data

Alerts data comes from many sources and is customized for each broadcaster. The Vizrt Weather Alerts solution is preconfigured to use National Weather Service (U.S.) data and can easily be customized to display content for a specific region of interest. The solution is easily customizable to display data for most weather providers and is enhanced with the use of region specific satellite and radar imagery.

“When severe weather threatens the safety of viewers, keeping them informed and up to date with the latest information should be any broadcaster’s first priority,” said Petter Ole Jakobsen, Vizrt CTO. “The new Vizrt Weather Alerts solution is an easy and cost-effective tool for broadcasters to bring their viewers the most-up-to-date weather information on a centralized platform.”