Viz Arena 4.3 - New features for production in the stadium and studio

Viz Arena 4.3 includes many new features that enhance the production of live virtual graphics and annotation in the stadium as well as using recording feeds for replay.

Several new sports have been added along with multiregional virtual advertizing, allowing new monetization possibilities for a live sports broadcast.

Viz Arena Disc Recorder

Viz Arena 4.2 introduced a downstream production workflow. With Viz Arena 4.3, this workflow has been extended to include replay effects, such as offside lines or telestration, which can now be performed from the studio using an internal disk recorder, eliminating the need for third-party video servers. The one-channel disk recorder permanently buffers the incoming video input and creates wipe effects when transitioning from live to instant replay.

Multi-angle downstream feed processing including replays

With Viz Arena 4.3, it is possible to assign graphics to multiple camera angles of an incoming multi-angle feed. Thanks to multiple camera setups on the same video feed, you can insert an offside line into the 18-yard camera shot while badges and scores are inserted on the main camera shots, both on the same downstream video feed.

New sports: Canadian Football, Volleyball, Handball

Image-based Viz Arena now supports eight sports with three new sports added for version 4.3 Canadian Football, Volleyball, and Handball. They complement the previously available sports: Soccer, American football, rugby, tennis, and basketball. In addition, the mechanical camera tracking version of Viz Arena can be used for any sport, including difficult tracking conditions like motorsports, horse racing or in winter sports.

Multi-regional virtual advertising

To enhance the monetization possibilities of Viz Arena’s virtual ads solution, multiple advertising outputs can be generated from the same input feed. Viz Arena controls multiple Viz Engines simultaneously, rendering customized virtual ads for each market.

New telestration effects

The annotation tools of the Viz Arena Telestrator have been extended by the magnifier and freehand curves or arrows. Together with the already available telestration tools such as player markings, player labels, player beams, areas, straight arrows and lines, the toolbox of the Viz Arena Telestrator now covers the most important features to an analyst for graphics-enhanced instant replays.

New live graphic solutions

Various new graphics and integrations have been introduced that enhance the live presentation. Team line-ups can be designed in Viz Artist and can be applied to the live field video before the kick-off using Viz Arena’s image-based camera tracking.

Viz Arena’s integration with Social TV, Vizrt’s social media solution, allows the application of any social media feeds or polls from the audience live onto the field or in the stadium.

Improved Viz Arena control application

With the latest release of Viz Arena 4.3, the control application has been extended with several useful features including:

Setup of advertisement position and scale for each permanent advertisement container.

  • Added keying preview in black and white to improve quality control

  • User-friendly selection of effect containers using a scene browser

  • Added Viz Arena Administrator application

The Viz Arena Administrator application allows the system administrator to easily test and set up the system for a specific production environment. It provides feedback on the current hardware capacity, software and driver installation and license functionality.

Read the release notes for additional details