Viz Multichannel 2.10: Enhanced third-party integrations

Viz Multichannel 2.10 has been released today with a new user interface and a direct architecture for interfacing various automation systems.

Viz Multichannel 2.10 is the latest version of Vizrt’s system that makes it easy to utilize high-quality Vizrt graphics for channel branding. The application simplifies the playout of playlists, providing a single client that handles the playlist elements of one or multiple channels. Viz Multichannel helps to promote commercial messages on multiple channels in a fully automated way.

New user interface

A new user interface has been designed for Viz Multichannel 2.10. The user interface improves the usability of the configuration menu. An overall visual and user improvement has also been added to the main interface.

Marina and Harris integration

Improvements have been made in the direct integration architecture for interfacing with third-party automation systems. Harris integration now features the ability to self trigger elements in the Media Sequencer through a play-state change in ADC for Harris, as well as the ability to grab ADC EventID as a trigger ID. Marina integration has been improved to support relative time mapping of secondary events.

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