ANNOVA and Vizrt empower editorial control inside the newsroom

ANNOVA announced today a new layer of control of studio systems and news bulletins for editors integrated with Vizrt’s Viz Mosart studio automations system.

The Brick concept will be demonstrated on ANNOVA’s booth 3.A33 at IBC2015.

The integration plans first began when Tagesschau – Germany's largest daily news bulletin – sent Vizrt and ANNOVA the challenge of extending the integration between the two companies to allow editors to control decisions about lighting, cameras and graphics as part of the newsroom rundown.

The result gives editors an extra layer to easily enter information when working inside ANNOVA's NRCS OpenMedia to send automation rundown commands to Viz Mosart, which in turn controls lighting, cameras or graphics. The studio automation actions appear as a set of Bricks that can be associated with a Rundown. These Bricks are like intelligent building blocks, allowing the construction of a set of complex tasks through the simple and visual process of dropping Bricks into a story.

The editor and chief of Tagesschau, Andreas Luetzkendorf stated "The editor can now decide how to build his whole program inside OpenMedia." The complex tasks of Studio Automation are all contained in the elegant and easy to understand Bricks.

Michael Schueller, CEO of ANNOVA commented, “Although this was only a service for a single customer the demand by other customers to utilize this approach has opened up a new market in Newsroom Automation.'”

Vizrt's CTO, Petter Ole Jakobsen, stated, “There are limitations with the MOS standard on exploiting actions, metadata and processes. Building the Brick Concept allows for more modern and sophisticated integration that our customers demand.”  

“Editorial teams do not want to be confused by a set of technical automation tasks inside their rundown, historically these were invisible to them, now they are packaged in a set of Bricks that help them understand the studio automation and allows them exploit it editorially.” continued Jakobsen. ANNOVA and Vizrt will display the capabilities on The Brick Concept at IBC2015.