Breaking news from Bahrain: Bahrain TV's HD upgrade

Bahrain TV recently upgraded its news studio and news centre to a full HD file-based 3G infrastructure with Vizrt. BroadcastPro ME brings you the details.

Editor's note: The following is an excerpt of the article originally published by BroadcastPro ME.

It took around six months to deliver the project involving the newsroom solutions and graphics. Abdulla Al Balooshi, General Director of Technical and Technology Affairs at IAA, says that while the Avid and Vizrt news systems are already live, the redesigned and redecorated studio will go live at the end of December 2015.

“The project is almost complete with all concerned obligations. The equipment has already been set up, configured and is being used for daily workflow operations. The respective training for all products has also been completed, and the staff is now familiar with the latest upgraded design workflows.

“The upgrade to Avid Central and Vizrt, along with news vendor products for the studio gallery, are complete. These went smoothly for the acceptance test as well. The in-house graphics department, however, needs more training and practice for designing, especially with the video wall and touchscreen setup for Vizrt products,” he adds.

Bahrain TV has been a Vizrt customer since 2007, when the broadcaster first installed the Newsroom Graphics solution based on the Viz Pilot template graphics platform and the Viz Ticker, a real-time 3D ticker solution.

The current project has several dimensions, explains RV Krishnan, Regional Manager at Vizrt Middle East. It entailed adding a new news studio with a complete set of graphics, upgrading to HD across the entire Vizrt graphics platform and upgrading the workflow with the latest version of Viz World maps graphics system.

“One of the significant workflow enhancements achieved in this project was implementing the real-time Viz World solution, which is crucial for a news channel. Now, journalists have full access and control to a wide variety of maps, including satellite imagery, right from their desktops, making it faster to generate maps on the fly – so essential in the case of breaking news.”

The video wall solution allows journalists to manage video wall contents in tandem with the storyline, to ensure consistency and relevance for effective storytelling. The project rounds off with extensive training for designers, engineers and operators on the design and use of the system.

“The Vizrt solutions are modular and scalable, which allowed the upgrades to be performed with ease without disrupting existing on-air operations. We are proud to have IAA as one of our premier customers in the region. This project will enhance the workflow in the broadcast facility and build on the current infrastructure to easily and efficiently migrate to advanced workflows and formats in the future,” says Krishnan.

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