Viz One 5.9 released with powerful search and editorial tools

Viz One 5.9 is designed to give users accurate tools for adding metadata and searching for content in the media asset management archives.

The latest version of Vizrt’s media asset management (MAM) system, Viz One, includes multilingual metadata spell checking, a new look and feel for the the rough cut editor Precut, improved search profiles for multi-level search. The 5.9 update also includes a number of improvements to the third party API for simplifying access to media in Viz One from external websites.

Multilingual metadata spell checking

Spelling mistakes in metadata of people, places, and subjects are problematic for customers when searching. To address this Viz One can now be configured to spell check metadata for assets and logs in multiple languages. Spell checking is performed against central dictionaries that allow customers to add their own exceptions on a global level. The metadata forms support several languages - even when mixed in the same forms. This spell checking increases the quality of manually entered metadata and helps improve search results. The feature is available in Studio and all of the associated tools.

New look and feel for the rough cut editor Precut

Precut now has a new look and feel that is consistent with our other applications such as Studio and Easycut. The clip list size has also increased and some minor changes have been made to the button layout based on user feedback.

Improved search interface for multi-level search

Multi-level search, which was introduced in Viz One 5.8, allows users to perform advanced searches across all asset types in one search interface. In Viz One 5.9, the multi-level search profiles were improved so that groups of metadata fields can now be defined that are considered the same field. Using the new search profile functionality, it is possible to, for example, configure a title field in a search profile that is linked across multiple types of assets that have different fields that are to be considered as the title. This is yet another way of making our search more flexible so that customers can use it to its full potential - without planning or laying out their metadata in a specific way.

Simplified access to media via Third Party API for Web sites

This release contains a number of improvements to the third party API. Two of the new features center around simplifying the media access for third party web sites and portals that want to use media in Viz One. To this end, we have greatly simplified the URL handling in order to give clients easier access to low resolution media and keyframes when browsing.

Improved XDCAM HD handling

The improved XDCAM HD handling that has been installed at our customers using XDCAM HD for quite some time is now officially part of the release.

Modular Administrator’s Console

The Administrator Console in Studio has been modularised. The various Administration areas can now be provided as plugin modules. This modularised approach allows us to significantly increase the speed at which new admin areas appear. The spell check administration is one of the first modules to be added. We will transition the remaining areas to plugins in future releases.

Read the release notes.