Coder 1.2 released with new live transcoding and VOD tools

Viz One’s transcoder automates publishing of 4k and UHD video content online.

Vizrt announced today the 1.2 update of Viz One’s transcoder, Coder. Acting as an integrated part of Viz One or as a standalone tool to be used with other products, such as Viz Engine. The Coder 1.2 release includes new features for video on demand (VOD) variant generation and live transcoding capabilities including multiplatform transcoding in 4K and UHD with live graphics insertion.

Users of Coder only have to select a storage destination and Coder transcodes all of the required format variants. Making changes to the tool’s setup is facilitated by web-based system configuration interfaces and Coder supports dynamic scheduling of jobs so it can efficiently distribute VOD, proxy or live transcoding tasks on a server farm prioritized by load and job requirements. Because all variants are generated in a single job, Coder uses up to 10X lower disk I/O than previous transcoders. If you are publishing over 100 videos each day, this efficiency can result in significant cost benefits.

VOD transfer and graphics overlay

The new VOD transfer plugin uses Coder to enable Viz One to export videos and transcode them to formats suitable for online. This transcoding also supports overlaying videos with scenes residing on Viz Engine using the Graphics Plugin. This allows users to make graphics overlays using the standard Vizrt tools and publish videos with device-adapted graphics.

Profile editor

Encoding profiles can now be created in a web-based interface and stored on the Coder master host. The profiles can then be added to the list of default profiles available to the user. Coder comes with many default profiles suitable for web publishing. 

Live broadcasting to CDNs/RTMP push

Coder can now send live broadcasts to RTMP endpoints, which is the most common protocol used by Content Delivery Networks(CDN) such as Akamai, YouTube and DailyMotion. Vizrt’s customers using Coder in tandem with the Akamai CDN platform will find it easy to stream live events to connected devices such as mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers on a global basis.

Bluefish SDI support

Coder now has support for Neutron and Supernova SDI cards in the Bluefish444 Epoch series.  

Audio mixing

Videos with multitrack audio can now be mixed to the desired audio layout for the output using a mix matrix approach.

Thumbnail generation/image extraction

Coder can extract images from the video it encodes, specified either by time or intervals.

Additional features

  • Support for vp8 codecs in webm containers, and theora in ogg containers.
  • Mp4 and mov can be uploaded to ftp and http servers
  • Mp4 files defaults to progressive download / faststart
  • Mp2 and mp3 support
  • Support for mpeg2 in mov containers
  • Coder will try to guess whether a VCOS document or Atom entry with vcos payload is posted as a coder job when the mime-type for the post is not specified
  • Source copy functionality where the input can be copied verbatim to output
  • Support for growing mp4 files
  • Coder master host now serves CORS headers, so that the REST mAPI can be used from web applications.