The secrets of virtual set production

Vizrt's five-part video series exploring how virtual sets are created and their many uses.

Vizrt's series on virtual set production take an indepth look at everything that is involved when building and using a virtual set. The videos examine the many uses for virtual sets, the differences between a virtual set and augmented reality graphics, the components and studio requirements, and how a presenter interacts with a virtual set.

Part 1: The secrets of virtual set production. What is a virtual set and why should broadcasters use them?


Part 2: Virtual sets vs augmented reality. What are the different ways virtual sets are used? Topics include augmented reality graphics, combo studios and outdoor productions.


Part 3: Essential Vizrt tools. Take a look at the tools Vizrt provides for virtual set production.


Part 4: Virtual set tools. Many components come together to create a virtual set. This video examines the options for tracking, cameras and lenses, chromakey walls, lighting, and keying.


Part 5: Design your story. How are virtual sets designed and what does the journalist need to know before presenting in a virtual set studio?