Viz Arena 4.5: Virtual graphics for any sport

The latest version of Viz Arena 4.5 includes several new tools for adding and controlling 3D graphics to any sports footage.

New to Viz Arena 4.5 is the ability to trigger three-dimensional graphic elements into any sports footage and game situation. With the predefined and user-adjustable perspective, the graphics appear perspectively correct on-air.

Control custom Viz Artist scenes directly from Viz Arena user interface

Viz Arena 4.5 allows the system to control widgets for dedicated elements of the scene created in the Vizrt design software; Viz Artist. Interaction with these widgets sends configurable and context-aware commands to Viz Engine to render the final on-air product.

Viz Engine and Tracking Hub integration

The new Viz Arena 4.5 integrates seamlessly with the new Tracking Hub – a tool that unifies all virtual graphics workflows with Viz Engine. That integration requires an upgrade to the latest Viz Engine 3.8 and significantly reduces the delay in live applications.

Improved lens calibration for indoor sports

The lens calibration process has been simplified in Viz Arena 4.5. The simple workflow only requires the video to play for a few seconds before the calibration is ready for going on-air.

Find out more about all the new features in Viz Arena 4.5 with the release notes.