Logicmaker alpha preview available for Viz Artist designers

Vizrt invites advanced Viz Artist designers to try an alpha preview of the new Viz Artist companion tool, Logicmaker.

Advanced Viz Artist designers master a design technique we call Transition Logic. Transition Logic provides a way to seamlessly transition graphics on a TV screen so that they blend together in a cohesive manner, without the operator needing to know of how content should visually be shuffled around during playout. To assist in scene creation, Vizrt is creating a new tool called Logicmaker.

Logicmaker is a Viz Artist companion tool that provides a visual and interactive way of creating new and modifying existing Transition Logic scenes. The web-based tool is typically run on a second screen, next to the Viz Artist. It displays all the toggle layers in the scene, giving the designer the ability to create, rename, replace and delete toggle layers. In addition, it provides a preview of animations without the need to import the scenes into Viz Trio or Viz Pilot.

Viz Artist designers are invited to try out the alpha preview and make sure that it has the features needed to make day-to-day Transition Logic scene design simple. All feedback goes directly to our R&D team.

Try it and tell us what you think here: logic.cloud.vizrt.com/