Add an extra production control room and sports analysis system for your Summer Games coverage

An additional control room with a sophisticated sports analysis tool can be deployed within one week.

The package includes the Viz Opus compact control room, which provides a built-in video switcher, video server, graphics engine and an audio mixer for driving a live production from a single operator easy to use interface, and the Viz Libero sports analysis system for creating engaging analysis content for any sport during the Summer Games.

The Summer Games in Brazil are fast approaching and broadcasters need tools to manage the many dedicated channels and live productions that will be created around the event. Vizrt has lately been contacted by a number of broadcasters in need of an extra production facility quickly, and hence Vizrt is offering a package to create high-quality content with easy to use tools that can be live on-air within a week.

The package combining Viz Opus and Viz Libero is available for a three month rental and is available the months leading up to and including the Summer Games in Brazil ending on August 21. Get in touch with your local Vizrt office to explore the possibilities this package can provide you.

Get the most of your Summer Games broadcast rights

The package is ideal for broadcasters with Summer Games broadcast rights who want to add custom high-quality Vizrt graphics, premium analysis and commentary to the international feed, without occupying the larger main control rooms and studios.

Viz Opus compact control room

Viz Opus provides:

  • Switcher
  • Video server
  • Graphics
  • Audio mixer
  • Automation

The Viz Opus system provides the vital parts of a control room, requires minimal space in the server room (4U) and can be controlled by a single operator. It includes full redundancy for the switcher, video server, graphics and automation and outputs to HD SDI and IP streams.

Viz Libero sports analysis

Viz Libero provides:

  • Camera-to-camera flights
  • Unique 3D perspectives
  • Live Viz Engine integration for own graphics design
  • On-air mode for interactive telestration
  • Advanced telestration graphics

Viz Libero supports basketball, badminton, beach volleyball, field hockey, handball, soccer/football, rugby 7s/rugby union, tennis, and volleyball natively and all other sports with our generic sports module. Some limitations of features might apply.

Integrated workflow Viz Libero - Viz Opus

Since both systems are based on the Vizrt platform, broadcasters benefit from an integrated workflow streamlined for sports productions.

Rundowns are simply loaded into Viz Opus from the broadcasters’ NRCS or built directly in Viz Opus. Footage for analysis can be accessed using files or using SDI, using Viz Libero’s built-in SDI recorder or integrating with EVS, GV or Evertz directly for maximum flexibility. The final Viz Libero clip can be exported as file to the Viz Opus storage like any other clip content or Viz Libero On Air can also be used as a live input to Viz Opus allowing for interactive sports analysis.