Viz Pilot 6.1: new video player capabilities

The latest version of the template-driven graphics and video management tool includes new features for rapid video playback.

Streaming playback in the Timeline Editor

Journalists and editors accessing video in Viz Pilot now have a new video player that supports progressive download of videos. This capability allows the Viz Pilot Timeline Editor to begin streaming playback of clips before the full video has been downloaded. In addition, a proxy video can be opened in the Timeline Editor before it is fully generated by Viz One. This allows editing to begin and graphics to be added to the timeline without waiting for the full proxy to be rendered.

Timeline update service

Support for a new Timeline Update Service has been added allowing timelines to be updated before they are opened in the Timeline Editor. This platform allows timelines to have content – such as courtesy text, live banners or other objects – automatically put in place without the need for the journalist to interact with the timeline.

Other new features

  • Viz Pilot now rapidly loads preview graphics from the Viz Engine. This allows the journalist to have a quicker preview of content in the Viz Pilot newsroom plugin and Director, the Viz Pilot control room system.
  • The journalist is now able to name timelines created in Viz Pilot for use in MOS rundowns.
  • A "loop" button has been added which flags the clip for looping during playout.
  • The Timeline Editor now shows the buffered ranges of the video with a green line above the timeline.
  • Added VCP Parameter 'clip_default_itemchannel' to be able to set a default channel for video clips.

Installer, Documentation and Tutorials

  • Download installation files from the ftp in the /products/VizPilot/Latest Version folder.
  • Read the fully updated documentation in our Documentation Center.