As the UK decided, the world watched Vizrt

A wide number of Vizrt tools were used by all UK broadcasters featuring different methods of bringing the EU Referendum vote, or BREXIT, to their viewers.

Thursday 23rd, June 2016, Britons went to the polls to decide whether to remain or leave the European Union. With the results at 51% to leave, broadcasters around the globe brought the event to viewers with Vizrt.

Data-driven virtual sets and augmented reality graphics

UK broadcasters have had a lot of experience covering elections and a referendum in the past year, and for the EU Referendum they displayed the results using Vizrt virtual sets, augmented reality graphics and interactive graphics. These tools took in live data from the referendum results centers to display the results as they happened.

British viewers will also saw results and analysis on video walls of multiple scales. Sky News recently set a world record for live IP streams and their video wall driven by Viz Engine. Other broadcasters used Viz Multiplay to control their video wall content which included live video, graphics and clips.

Predicting the results

What was the role of social media in the election coverage? We will be posting results of this soon. The 2015 UK General Election showed the inaccuracy of conventional polling causing the broadcasters to put little trust in them for the EU Referendum vote. This time, social media analysis of real-time viewer sentiment and emotion, displayed in a number of ways, could become the new method that broadcasters use to predict the outcome ahead of time. Vizrt’s Social TV solution, already used earlier this year in the run-up to the American election, allows broadcasters to display social media messages and analysis data extracted from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other sources in video walls and as AR graphics. These will add a new level of viewer-interaction that previous election projects have lacked.

Global broadcasters such as Bloomberg, CNN, Russia Today, Al Jazeera and Al Ghad, were also covering the results live through their UK bureaus, bringing the news to the viewers in their regions. Time will tell how this decision changes Britain and the EU. However it happens the results will be brought to the world by Vizrt.