The Vizrt Social TV solution 1.3: New audience engagement tools and workflow enhancements

The latest version of Vizrt’s social media management tool is released with several new tools that improve the day-to-day usage of the system.

Chrome extension

A new Chrome extension has been created to allow users to easily add and arrange social media directly from the social media platforms site in the browser. The extension works for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Messages can be sent to Feed Streamer or sent directly to Viz Pilot Newsroom template to go on-air. Add the Vizrt Feed Streamer Chrome extension.

Q&A for Facebook

Q&A (question and answer) for Facebook creates a new form of social engagement for media companies. Q&A sessions can be created for Facebook and moderated through the Vizrt Social TV solution. As users engage with the Q&A sessions in Facebook, the content is added to graphics templates to display live on-air, resulting in a live conversation between the media company and users online and on-air.

Facebook Signal

Facebook Signal allows journalists to search relevant trends, photos, videos and posts from Facebook and Instagram for use in their storytelling and reporting. The Vizrt Social TV solution integration with the Facebook Signal platform provides broadcasters with an easy way to incorporate photos, videos and posts on-air graphics easily visualized with interactive graphics, virtual sets, tickers and full screen graphics.

Workflow enhancements

The Vizrt Social TV solution includes many workflow enhancements to give the journalist greater control over the message content before it goes to air.

Manual messages

In the Feed Streamer application, a user can add in a manually created message to a source or group. This allows specific content to be easily added to the list of messages that will go to air so that the media company can have custom content mixed with viewer content.

Full message editing

As messages come in, every field can be edited by the user, giving more flexibility to fine tune what will be sent on-air. This feature also allows users to exclude media content from the on-air display so they can moderate the media independently from the text content. Messages can then be locked, or unlocked at any time. After editing the default message will be locked to further updates.

Stored filters

Domain users can now store filters for each group, making it easier to collaborate and moderate content into multiple groups at the same time. The filters are remembered in the system allowing users to have the same filters available on every system to which they log in.

Installer, Documentation and Tutorials

Download installation files from the ftp in the products/VizSocialTV/Latest Version folder.

Read the fully updated documentation in our Documentation Center.