Viz Multiplay 2.0

Vizrt is pleased to announce the release of Viz Multiplay 2.0. This is a major release and Vizrt strongly recommend to upgrade to Viz Multiplay 2.0 version as soon as possible


  • New set of editors to make and prepare content
  • Previewing armed content
  • Usability enhancements
  • Support for physical screens with different dimensions
  • Span content over several video walls

New editing functionality

Viz Multiplay now offers a set of editors to make and prepare content, including a video editor to set in- and out-points for a video, an image editor to create animation effects and a video wall editor for creating filled presets.

External Viz Engine preview of the video wall

Specify an external Viz Engine as a ‘real’ preview of a video wall. Content is armed in Viz Multiplay and played out on the external Viz Engine, allowing an operator to see exactly how the content will appear on the video wall.

Single click video wall control

Create filled presets controlling a video wall’s layout and content with one click.

Manual color correction for the video wall on the GPUs

You can adjust video wall colours on the GPU directly from the Viz Multiplay GUI. This adjusts individual colors or controls the overall video wall luminance instead of adjusting the monitors. 

Video Wall Layout Masking

Use layout masking when designing presets for a video wall comprising screens with different aspects and resolutions. This makes is easier to design layouts that match the active areas in the physical wall.

Control multiple video walls

In Viz Multiplay 2.0, multiple video walls can be merged into one ‘studio’. Each wall is controlled by a single Viz Engine, and content can span over the total renderer area. The new studio editor makes configuring video walls even easier. Use it to fine tune the output to match the physical screens.

Installation files, Notes and Documentation

  • For documentation, visit our Documentation Centre. Added for this release, the Workflows chapter provides an overview of Viz Multiplay and its supported workflows.
  • For training, see the Training Center for available courses.
  • Download the installation files from the ftp under /products/VizMultiplay/LatestVersion/