Viz Arena 4.6

Viz Arena 4.6 includes player attached graphics and an improved graphics package

Tracked graphics including automatic player tracking

Viz Arena 4.6 adds player attached graphics for instant replays. The intuitive workflow allows you to quickly add a highlight or player name label that follows key players. With the automatic player tracking turned on, you can select the player and preview the replay before going on air.

Extended graphics package

Viz Arena 4.6 includes an overhauled graphics package with various new templates for player highlights and other graphic effects. In addition, the new Circle tool and Distance To Goal tool complete the live and telestration packages.

Ready-to-use player markers, various label templates, and many templates for further customization let every customer chose their desired look for live insertions and instant replay effect graphics.

Supporting Viz Engine 3.8.2 with many improvements

Viz Arena 4.6 supports the latest Viz Engine 3.8.2, meaning that Matrox DSX LE4 cards are now supported, and the camera calibration is handled more accurately when rendering virtual graphics on the field.

Other live graphic solutions with Viz Arena

Various new live virtual graphics and production integrations are possible with Viz Arena. For example, team line-ups can be designed in Viz Artist, and can be applied to the real field before the kick-off using Viz Arena’s image-based camera tracking.

With Viz Arena’s Social TV integration you can apply social media feeds or audience polls, live onto the field or in the stadium.


For more details see What's New in Viz Arena 4.6 and the Viz Arena 4.6.0 Release Notes .