Viz Libero 6.3: New graphics look and Viz One integration

Viz Libero 6.3 comes with a new graphics look, improved Live Viz Engine Integration, the new Viz One integration, and improved Input, Clip and Track handling

New graphics look

Live Viz Engine Integration, introduced with Viz Libero 6.1, is the integrated real-time workflow of Viz Libero to use Viz Engine for displaying all graphics and animations. The integration allows designers to create customized Viz Libero effects using the full power and creative flexibility of Viz Artist, Vizrt’s modeling and animation tool.

Viz Libero 6.3 introduces a new default graphics look using the Live Viz Engine Integration, a look that upholds the well-known Viz Libero look-and-feel but that is also both fresh and modern:

Extending an existing Viz Libero setup to use the Live Viz Engine Integration is seamless and existing customized player labels and overlays can be transferred. With that, all customers can upgrade to the power of Live Viz Engine Integration. Furthermore, the new graphics package is configurable and customizable within Viz Libero such that all graphics can be easily adjusted. Full customization, extensions and the creation of a completely branded graphics package is possible using Viz Artist.

In addition, the Live Viz Engine Integration has been further improved with many new features:

• Inline configuration of graphic defaults to configure all elements using “what you see is what you get”

• Player and team dependent graphics

• Direct switching between similar graphics, for example from a player mark to a beam or from a dotted line to an arrow.

Fast and seamless integration with Viz One media asset management

Viz Libero 6.3 integrates seamlessly with Viz One, Vizrt’s media asset management system.

From Viz One Studio, fully featured media asset searching and browsing lets the user find any footage to edit within seconds. With one click, the footage is available in Viz Libero without any delays or file transfers.

After Clip creation and editing, the final result can be pushed back to Viz One for further usage in other Vizrt products, such as Viz Trio, Viz Story, Viz Multiplay or Viz Opus.

File handling improvements

In today’s productions, file based workflows need to be fast and flexible. Viz Libero 6.3 adds new features to simplify all workflows with files.

First, drag-and-drop support for known video files lets the user add one or more video files directly as cameras or clips. Second, multi-camera footage that is only partially overlapping on the same play can now easily be added and used in full length. Finally, many stability improvements and more workflow improvements make Viz Libero the ideal candidate for file based sports analysis.

Player track handling

With Viz Libero 6.3, interaction with player or object tracks is more flexible and very user friendly.

The Tracks widget known from Viz Libero 5.7 has been overhauled and can be added optionally to the Editor user interface. Manually adjusting a track within Viz Libero’s Editor module can be done on any frame independent of the track creation. Finally, unused tracks get cleaned up automatically and leave a clean view for the operator to edit and adjust graphics.



Complete list of all new features, improvements and changes

For a complete overview of all workflow changes and new features we refer to the respective Viz Libero 6.3 tutorial video, or to the Viz Libero 6.3.x Release Notes

Online training videos

Various training videos for Viz Libero operators have been created to watch and learn how to use new features of Viz Libero in short and explanatory videos. These videos are also available on the Vizrt FTP download.

Additional remarks

• The detailed installation instructions for and a full list of all improvements in Viz Libero 6.3 and related maintenance releases can be found in the Viz Libero 6.3.x Release Notes

• Viz Libero 6.3 can be run with the same license as previous versions of Viz Libero. However, to get access to new features, a license update must be requested/applied. Your current license contract might not allow access to all described new features. Note also, that new license files might have a different naming scheme.

• The Standalone Telestrator application will be discontinued in one of the upcoming releases of Viz Libero. It does not support the Live Viz Engine integration. The On-Air module introduced with Viz Libero 6.0 provides similar functionality directly from within Viz Libero.