ESPN, NHL Reunite for World Cup of Hockey

ESPN to integrate Sportvision's infrared tracking system with Vizrt graphics

Originally published by SVG.

Throughout the two-week tournament, ESPN plans to showcase its player-and puck-tracking technology to better emphasize the speed of the game. Sportvision’s infrared tracking system will be embedded in pucks and player jerseys; cameras located in the Air Canada Centre rafters will capture data from the IR signals and rout them to Sportvision’s control truck. The data — ranging from skating speed and player location to puck trajectory and distance traveled — will be ingested into Vizrt graphics-rendering engines and made available for in-game replays and studio reports, with the potential for live.

"We’ll have the ability to send that information back to a studio in Bristol, [CT], where the intermissions will be anchored, and they can analyze more in depth if they would like some of that information," says Grigely. "We’ll also use our Avid editor and our EVSs in the truck to replay some of this interesting information when it fits, so that’s the plan right now. We’ll see how the tournament develops and progresses, and we’ll see how interesting it looks, so there could be some live opportunities as well."

ESPN plans to anchor its studio shows — pregame, postgame, and intermission — from Bristol, featuring advanced telestration technology to provide in-depth breakdowns of pre- and post-game highlights. Although there is the possibility that ESPN could move its studio presence to Toronto, depending on such factors as how well Team USA is performing, the current consensus is to see how the tournament goes before committing and, for the time being, to enjoy the ride.

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