Viz Multiplay 2.1

The latest version of the multiscreen and video wall control system includes many new features to enhance the usability.

Off-air mode

To prevent the user from taking elements accidentally on-air, a new off-air mode has been introduced in Viz Multiplay 2.1. Off-air mode provides the user with greater visibility of media in a channel. When set to on-air, the Armed and Program columns are visible, and elements are played out with a click or a tap on a touch screen.

Organizing media elements

Organizing content has never been easier. In off-air mode the user can select multiple elements to be moved, copied, pasted and dragged between channels and groups, or deleted. Both context menu and keyboard shortcuts gives access to copy/cut/delete operations.

Improved workspace control

Workspaces allow the Viz Multiplay interface to be adapted to different roles such as control by the director or control by the presenter. New in 2.1 is the ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to workspaces to allow a fast way to switch between user defined views. A new assistant provides an easier way of configuring the workspaces.

Flexible GUI

Each channel containing media elements can be resized to a fixed row height in the GUI. To get a quick overview of the channels, or enter the media elements of a specific channels - all rows can be collapsed and expanded with keyboard shortcuts.

Other new interface features

  • Shortcut tabs can now be created and deleted directly in the Shortcuts panel.
  • It is possible to change Viz layer from a context menu. This allows elements to be played out in the front or back layer of a video wall.
  • Groups in the Videowall Tab can be assigned to specific video walls in the profile. The Video Wall Designer can then be easily accessed by right clicking a preset in the Videowall Tab.
  • Elements in the media column can be renamed directly in the main GUI.
  • Thumbnail size in the Videowall Tab and the GFX tab can be resized.

Installation files, Notes and Documentation

  • For documentation, visit our Documentation Centre.
  • Download the installation files and release notes from the ftp under /products/VizMultiplay/LatestVersion/