Viz Arena 4.7

The latest version of the live sports enhancements includes support for several new sports, and enhanced calibration and tracking.

Supporting several new sports

Viz Arena 4.7 now supports several new sports including Ice Hockey, Baseball and Cricket. Viz Arena 4.7 now also supports netball. These new sports will benefit from all Viz Arena features including, image-based tracking for virtual ad placement, player tracking, and analysis.

Enhanced calibration workflow

Viz Arena 4.7 adds a new enhanced calibration workflow, providing more accurate calibration detection and tracking. In the enhanced workflow, pan sequences are added to the calibration database, together with single frame calibrations. The enhanced calibration workflow is available for ice hockey, baseball, cricket, and basketball.

Other new features:

  • Added the ‘distance to goal’ effect for Rugby, Football and Handball.
  • Dirty feed definition is now also possible in Viz Arena Prepare.
  • The License Report in Viz Arena Administrator now lists the expiration date of the Viz Engine License.
  • Improved tracking speed.

For more details see What's new in Viz Arena 4.7 and the Viz Arena 4.7.0 Release Notes