Viz Libero 6.4

Viz Libero 6.4 ships with performance enhancements, improvements and a completely new and greatly improved Telestrator module.

Viz Libero 6.4's improved telestrator is designed for live presentations by the Presenter in the studio using a touch-screen display. Typical usage is pre-game, half-game or post-game analysis. The new Telestrator combines the full power of Viz Libero with the artistic freedom and flexibility provided by Viz Artist, the industry leading 3D modelling and animation tool.

The new Telestrator module is implemented as a Viz Artist scene. You can use the default Telestrator scene as is, or you easily create your own customized telestrator user interface.

Viz Libero 6.4 ships with a full set of Viz Artist plugins for the Viz Libero Telestrator, making it easy for graphic designers to use the full power of Viz Engine with Viz Libero, the leading sport analysis program.

Complete list of all new features, improvements and changes

For a complete overview of all workflow changes and new features we refer to the Viz Libero 6.4.0 Release Notes.pdf

Online training videos

Various training videos for Viz Libero operators have been created to watch and learn how to use new features of Viz Libero in short and explanatory videos. These videos are available on the Vizrt FTP download.