Viz Story 1.1 released with enhanced audio editing tools

The new audio mode provides greater flexibility in audio control and an improved UI features a larger preview window.

Viz Story, the browser-based (HTML5) editing tool that allows the journalists to quickly create compelling video stories, has been updated with version 1.1. New features include audio control tools, additional graphics packages, and UI improvements.

Enhanced audio control

A new audio mode is included in Viz Story 1.1 that provides controls for rubberbanding and fading for audio on video files and audio only files. Audio rubberbanding allows the operator to adjust the volume using audio keyframes in the timeline. This is ideal when using music beds with voiceovers or ambient sounds that need to be brought up or down through the course of the video.

New graphics packages

Additional graphics packages have been bundled with the Viz Story 1.1 release. These provide greater design flexibility for adding Visuals on Video narratives (Text on Video, Graphics on Video and Images on Video) with several new styles that automatically adapt to different resolutions and aspect ratios. Viz Story integrates with graphics created in Viz Artist, Vizrt’s real-time 3D design tool, allowing designers to create custom graphics packages using their own branding. The provided graphics package offer a quick starting point for using Viz Story immediately and as a guide for designers wishing to build custom packages.

Additional new features

  • The user interface has been improved to support smaller resolution screens. This includes a larger preview window.
  • A video can now be dragged directly to the overlay video track

See the full release notes available at Additional documentation is bundled with the Viz Story 1.1 installer.