Viz Pilot 7.1 released

New features include new proxy server compatibility and settings migration, plus numerous bug fixes

Viz Pilot offers media companies the optimal environment for template-based content creation and playlist delivery. In addition to a host of bug fixes, version 7.1 includes several new features to enhance upgrade compatibility, proxy server communications and the journalist workflow.

Settings migration

The Viz Pilot 7.1 installer migrates any configuration settings from version 6.0 and up. This includes database connection information. Settings from the most recent version of Viz Pilot will be migrated in the event multiple versions are installed on the system. For example, settings from Viz Pilot 7.0 will migrate but not from version 6.1 if both are installed.

Proxy server compatibility

The Pilot Data Server distributed with Pilot 7.1 now supports hostname and port translation through reverse-proxy servers. This allows a proxy server that retrieves resources on behalf of a client from one or more servers to return the resources to the client as if they originated from the proxy server itself.

Improvements and bug fixes

Issues were fixed across Viz Pilot applications, including Director, Template Wizard, Pilot News and the Pilot Data Server. The fixes mean, among other things, fewer error messages and an improved workflow when exporting Viz archives. For a full list of improvements, please review the release notes here.

Installation and Documentation

Please visit to download the latest installer, and read the Viz Pilot 7.1 User's Guide at the Vizrt Documentation Centre for more information.