Viz Secure end of life

The system monitoring tool Viz Secure, developed in collaboration with Molden Media will no longer be developed nor available for future sale from Vizrt nor Molden Media.

Viz Secure has provided customers with tailored system monitoring for many years. However, Vizrt’s products are moving to the future of the SNMP standard which will allow our products to be monitored using the same systems as other media production tools. With these developments in mind we have decided to discontinue the Viz Secure product. While we will not be renewing the support contracts for Viz Secure, our customer’s investments will continue to be protected with Vizrt support for their entire Vizrt product and solution infrastructure and the SNMP. The first implementation of full SNMP support will be with Graphic Hub and Viz Engine, which will be available by Q2 2017 with no additional cost to our customers.

Vizrt representatives will follow up with each of our customers directly, immediately following this announcement. 

For any questions please contact your local Vizrt office.